Khaadi Esra Collection 2023

Khaadi Esra Collection 2023

Online shopping is the most convenient one so, many people choose to buy dresses online. Here’s looking at you, other clothing brands of Pakistan. After All, You can notice these types of designs in Artgal Ghazi’s Halime Hatun in Drama Serial. Only If,  Embark on a melodious journey of KHAADI X ESRA, an enthralling collection of exuberant styles, soft and bold hues, eye-catching prints, and embroideries adorned with dazzling ornamentations. Now, Khaadi is all set to showcase its Esra Collection. Hereby you can see Khaadi X Esra Design with Prices. In Like Fashion, Breathe new life into Khaas fashion with this “Khaadi X Esra” Collection which genuinely defines the amazing colors of your multi-faceted personality. In Conclusion, Here we are going to discuss the new Khaadi Summer Collection 2023 “Khaadi X Esra”.


  • Instead, Khaadi Women Dress possesses elegant shades and unique textures.
  • Ever since Ertugrul got the endorsement of PM Imran Khan, people went crazy for the show driving the drama’s viewership to unprecedented heights.
  • As Well As, Khaadi introduced Light Weight khaddar.
  • Compared To, Showcase simple and easy elegance with our beautiful embroidered ensemble.
  • Choose from an array of vibrant designs and intricate embellishments rooted in our heritage, ranging from silk to chiffon and velvet, which lets you celebrate the facets of your personality with confidence.
  • It has also established an online shopping center for online sales worldwide.

Khaadi Esra Bilgic Collection

So Power up a traditional look and make a good impression in everyone’s heart with Khaas styling, deluged in unique color embroideries in blooming hues. Basically, Their finishing is perfect and they give an excellent fashionable feel. After only recently releasing their summer collection in 2023, Khaadi has now released a new, unique women’s collection featuring the most popular Turk in Pakistan – Esra Bilgic. Khaadi Halime sultan Collection launched as “Khaadi X Esra”. Take a look Khaadi X Esra Special Edition 2023 Summer Collection for girls and women as well. Until Now, Khaadi is one of the most popular clothing brands.

Khaadi X Esra Design With Prices

  • Fluttering Flora, Black Impression, Printed tunic, Flaming orange, Dark melody, Enchanting garden, Night store, Bol Essence, and a pink flamingo, etc.
  • Most Important, New Khaadi Suits are a special addition to the modern fashion world.
  • That Is To Say, Most girls in Ertugrul wear these types of dresses.
  • Ranging from silk to chiffon and velvet.
  • Presenting KHAADI X ESRA is one of the most awaited special edition collections of versatile designs to suit every occasion.

Khaadi 2 Piece Lawn Price

So, These are Pakistani fashions and brands that prepare all types of outfits and dresses for women to wear. Their suiting has unique design patterns. Khaadi x Esra – My Symphony is the latest collection released by Khaadi with a beautiful campaign, the first time in Pakistan Textile / Fashion Industry Khaadi launched the Khaadi Halime sultan Collection. Who else can’t wait to wear this beautiful play of black patterns on a solid white canvas? Recently Khaadi collaborated with Turkish Star Esra Bilgic for the promotion of their dresses.

Khaadi Summer Collection 2023

  • Despite this, Khaadi creates this unique collection of embellished dresses for every summer occasion.
  • These Printed suits are very comfortable and of beautiful prints.
  • The success of the show also catapulted its lead actors to fame, as popular brands in Pakistan began featuring the likes of Engin Altan and Esra Bilgic in their major advertising campaigns.
  • You can examine this collection as Sultan/Queen Collection.
  • Feel attractive in Khaadi Khaas, enjoy easy fashion with pret, and the beauty of signature fabrics.
  • This is spreading all its brands across Pakistan.

Khaadi X Esra Online Shopping

There are new and trendy designs for every season. The collection is available exclusively at select stores, and with stocks already running low, it is recommended to grab your favorite pieces before they’re gone! Everyone will notice the Traditional Turkish designs this time. This season, we’ve got you covered with our elegant range of ensembles featuring patterns and colors to fall in love with. Moreover, it is stated that Khada brands have the biggest and largest wearing store in Abu Dubai (UAE) named Mirdiff City center. The appearance of Esra Bilgiç in this collection has created a lot of excitement among Pakistanis, making it one of the most anticipated collections.

Women's Summer Dresses 2023

  • So women’s clothing should be perfect for inspiration.
  • Have you had a chance to see the new collection from Khaadi x Esra? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the campaign and whether it has caught your attention.
  • Khaadi is one of the leading fashion stores in Pakistan nowadays.
  • Meet our statement pieces in a blooming palette, great for celebrating your summer festivities.
  • Khaadi X Esra designs are spreading and it is working its brands worldwide it has established 52 stores in Pakistan and 22 stores in the UK.

Khaadi Sale 70% Off Unstitched

The campaign featured a stunning photoshoot of Esra Bilgiç, which quickly went viral on social media due to its captivating beauty and elegance. They are made of a blended fabric of several pastel colors. Khaadi has gone all out for this one, introducing multiple fabrics and designs. This time, you will find out Unstitched, Ready to wear, western, and Khaas Collection. The Khaadi collection features a range of versatile designs that are perfect for any special occasion. This fashion brand was introduced and established in 1998 Decem December.

Unique Women’s Collection

  • The clothes featured have unique colors and intricate designs that highlight the focus on individuality.
  • The brand always tries to introduce trending and fashion Collections in every season.
  • Choose from a variety of lively designs and elegant embellishments that reflect the brand’s heritage.



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