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The Fairy Tale cast is a talented and diverse group of actors, each bringing their own unique skills and personality to the show. The main cast of Fairy Tale consists of actress Sehar Khan and actor Hamza Sohail. Firstly, Sehar Khan is a lovely and famous Pakistani actress, who portrays a crucial role in the drama. Aghoo Jaan is Umeed’s grandmother, also known as Dadi, and the mother of Halal and Kamal Pasha. Secondly, Fairy Tale Drama Episode 1 airs on 23rd March 2023 Daily at 7:00 PM. Moreover, This is the debut drama of Hamza Soahil as a lead actor. They both performed well in portraying the characters. If you have any comments, please do so. Furthermore, He became major famous for the drama serial Badshah Begum. Amna Youzasaif portrayed the character of Maryam, also known as Mimi, in the drama Fairy Tale.

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Fairy Tale Drama Cast

Hamza Sohail and Sehar Khan perform the Fairy Tale drama lead roles. Moreover, A Fairy Tale’s drama story is full of romance, humor, and entertainment. Additionally, Versatile Pakistani actor Saleem Sheikh has appeared as Kamal Pasha in the drama. Saleem Sheikh, a versatile Pakistani actor, played the character of Kamal Pasha in the drama Fairy Tale. This drama is a bundle of entertaining scenes and romance. Fairy tale characters have also influenced clothing and fashion trends.

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Adnan Raza Mir As Sameer

Fairy Tale is a new Ramadan special family drama series on Hum TV. Hala is the younger brother of Kamal Pasha and Haya’s father. Hina Rizvi portrayed the role of Aghoo Jaan in the drama Fairy Tale. Fairy Tale Pakistani Drama Directed by Ali Hassan and Writer is Sarah Majeed under the banner of MD Production. If we talk about the timing of the drama so this drama will take place on TV daily at 7:00 pm. on Hum TV. Get to know the drama cast, their names, pictures, and a little about the characters.

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Amna Youzasaif As Mimi

So, Ali Safina is brilliant and proved his excellence by playing versatile roles. The characters are also based on classic fairy tale figures, with a twist. Furthermore, The fairy Tale Drama features a cast of Hamza Sohail, Sehar Khan, Ali Safina, Saleem Sheikh, Adnan Raza Mir, Aena Khan, Salma Hasan, Tehseen Wajahat in leading roles, and many other supporting roles. The Fairy Tale is a 2023 Pakistani comedy-drama of Hum TV. The first episode of the drama aired on 23 March 2023. Moreover, Young and emerging Pakistani actors Sehar and Hamza performed as the leading characters in the drama. Lastly, Salam Hassan played the character of Halal Pasha’s wife and Haya’s mother in the drama Fairy Tale.

Amna Youzasaif

Aena Khan As Haya

As we know Hamza Sohail and Sehar Khan are playing the lead role in this drama. Moreover, I thought the episode was great! I particularly enjoyed the performances of Sehar Khan and Hamza Sohail. Furthermore, Aena Khan appeared as Haya in the drama serial Fairy Tale. Similarly, Ali Safina portrayed the character of Asadullah Khan in the drama serial Fairy Tale. Therefore, This drama will be an amazing addition to the successful journey of Hum TV. How did you like the recent episode of Fairy Tale? Let me know which actors portrayed good characters in the drama. Hamza Sohail appeared as Farjaad Khan in the drama Fairy Tele.

Aena Khan - Haya

Ali Safina As Asadullah Khan (AK)

The drama also features a number of supporting cast members who play important roles, including actor Ali Safina, new talent Adnan Raza Mir, actress Aena Khan, Saleem Sheikh, and many others. Amna is a Model and social media influencer. The series is set to air in March 2023, with the first episode scheduled to premiere on March 23. This is a comedy-drama as well, which is going to be very interesting to watch. Aghoo Jaan is Umeed’s Dadi and the mother of Halal and Kamal Pasha. She will win the hearts of the watchers and the fans.

Ali Safina - Asadullah Khan (AK)

Saleem Sheikh As Kamal Pasha

Sam is the eldest son and the only male child of Kamal Pasha. People are very excited to know about this drama. Salma Hassan has appeared as Halal Pasha’s wife and Haya’s mother in the drama Fairy Tale. The drama Fairy Tale featured Hamza Sohail in the role of Farjaad Khan. Reports say that the producer is Momina Duraid Production. Farjaad is a hardworking, dashing, and rich boy who runs his family business. She struggles with memory loss and often forgets things. People are eager to know about directors, producers, writers, and star cast. Tehseen Wajahat has appeared as Halal Pasha in the drama Fairy Tale.

Saleem Sheikh - Kamal Pasha

Fairy Tale TV Drama Cast

Viewers can watch the drama on the official channel of HUM TV. According to the report, the drama story is a bundle of romance, comedy, and entertainment. Her Father Tayyab Hussain was a Producer and her mother was a writer. Kamal Pasha is the father of Umeed and Sameer. People are hitting the search engine to gain all the details about the news. Viewers can watch the drama on HUM TV, the official channel for the series.

Hina Rizvi - Aghoo Jaan

What is the Fairy Tale Drama’s release date? Who are the cast members of the series? Let’s continue the article. He is the elder brother and only son of Kamal Pasha. If we talk about the writer’s name so writer’s name is Sarah Majeed and the drama is directed by Ali Hassan. Her purpose in life is to get rich in order to resolve all issues of her life. The drama is directed by Ali Hassan, with Sarah Majeed as the writer, under the banner of MD Production.

Tehseen Wajahat - Halal Pasha

Fairy Tale Pakistani Drama Cast

Suno Chanda and Chupke are his famous Ramadan Serials. The production team behind Fairy Tale Drama has been working tirelessly to ensure that the series will be a success. Sher Khan performed in many popular and successful dramas and now Sehar Khan performs various characters in this serial. Adnan Raza Mir played the character of Sameer aka Sam in the drama Fairy Tale.

Salma Hassan

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